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Why hire a local DUI Attorney?

Dec. 22nd 2011

It is important to consider what constitutes a local DUI attorney and how you can make the best decision regarding your legal representation. A local DUI attorney is not just one who happens to work out of a storefront office near a courthouse. Many courthouses are less than a twenty minute drive from one another. Therefore a local DUI attorney includes those that operate central offices in different parts of the State and are ready to represent you. There is one universal set of statutes governing DUI offenses in Connecticut in every courthouse so the skills of an experienced trained attorney you choose is more important than their location. The laws involving DUI are technical, complex and frequently changing. So when you are choosing a local DUI attorney you would be well served by one who devotes a large share of the practice to DUI defense and stays current on the changes in legislation, attends and teaches DUI training. Some local DUI attorneys may in fact be general practitioners who take DUI cases to supplement their practices or to help friends and family who have been charged with DUI. So the fact that a DUI attorney may be local is not as important as their experience and knowledge in the multifaceted DUI laws which are frequently being changed or updated. Choose your DUI attorney whether local or not after you have met with them to determine if that attorney can offer a first rate defense.

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