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Connecticut DUI Lawyer Fees

Jan. 2nd 2012

Its 2012, and many people in Connecticut are looking at the unfortunate need for a DUI lawyer after their holidays turned sour with a DUI arrest.  When you are looking for a DUI lawyer to represent you one of the subjects you may be concerned with are the attorney fees. You may see advertisements in the newspaper, yellow pages, the internet or a billboard promoting low attorney fees. Many of these ads may be misleading much like those automobile ads screaming out how you can lease a new car for only $99 per month. It is important for you to find out exactly what your attorney fees cover. The defense of a DUI case may involve multiple layers. You not only will have court appearances to decide how you might resolve your case short of trial if possible. Further you may want the attorney to represent you in your motor vehicle operator’s license hearing and seek their help in obtaining a worker’s permit or Interlock device for your car that may result in a shorter license suspension. It is important to understand that an attorney’s fees are not universal. Some may charge you by the hour, by the court appearance and bill you separately for the administrative hearing on your license and some may quote you an “all-inclusive” upfront fee for everything but a Trial.  At Ruane Attorneys we have a flat, upfront and totally transparent fee plan.  When you come into our office, we will show you exactly what your fee is and what it will cover.  We have the same fee for cases regardless of what you drive or how much we think you can afford.  Our fees are set based on the amount of work that goes into a case, nothing else.

When you meet with a DUI lawyer it is important to find out exactly what the cost is going to be and what services your fees will in fact cover and to determine if that fee schedule meets your needs. You also need to determine what will the additional costs involve should you elect to take your case to trial.

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