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Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

Mar. 21st 2014

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If you have been charged with a DUI, you should start building a defense for yourself immediately.  However, you have many options when considering how to represent yourself in court.  You can hire a lawyer to help you, or you can represent yourself.  While people have been able to beat DUI cases on their own or with the help of a regular, courtroom lawyer, you best option is to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you.  DUI lawyers have a lot of experience with cases that are similar to yours, which means that hiring a DUI lawyer will give you the best chance of presenting yourself well in court and possibly getting a verdict of not guilty.

Hiring a DUI lawyer will help to take a lot of the strain of a DUI case off of your shoulders.  You will not have to worry about building a proper defense for yourself.  Instead, you can entrust that job to someone who has already been through many DUI cases, and knows how to build a good case.  A DUI lawyer has to stay up-to-date on the latest DUI laws and legislation to be passed.  A DUI lawyer can also cite previous DUI cases during your hearing, which can strengthen your case.

Because of their experience, DUI lawyers will be able to represent you confidently and appropriately.  DUI lawyers know what kind of questions to ask you about your DUI – how much you had been drinking that night, the way the cop addressed you, what the cop told you you had to do, etc.  Most importantly, DUI lawyers know tricks that the police might use in order to get you to submit to a BAC test or blood testThe correct procedure is something that you might not be aware of, and your DUI lawyer could be successful in getting the results of a BAC test you took thrown out of court.  This can only help your case.  The experience that DUI lawyers have with cases like yours will mean that you have a good chance of building a substantial case in court with the help of a such a lawyer.

Facing a DUI charge is no easy process.  You will probably feel guilty, frustrated, and most of all, confused.  While paying a lawyer might not seem like a good option, it really can take a lot of the stress off of you.  You can be sure that you are doing everything you can to win your DUI case and you can put your case in the hands of a professional.  DUI lawyers know exactly the right questions to ask and the right things to do to represent you in the best way possible.  Many law firms are also flexible with how and when you pay lawyer fees.  Discuss the fees involved with your DUI lawyer, as well as your payment options.  Many law firms, such as Ruane Attorneys, can also offer you a free consultation.  If you are interested in a free consultation with an attorney at Ruane Attorneys, click here.

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Expulsion due to DUI in Private School

Mar. 14th 2014

Public schools and private schools are extremely different.  Private schools operate by their own rules because they do not receive federal funding.  As a result, private schools do not have to follow certain overarching school rules that public schools have to follow.  This is especially visible in the expulsion rules of any given private school.  While all private schools are different, they tend to take student DUIs extremely seriously.  If you are a private school student what have received a DUI, is not guaranteed that you will be expelled from your school.  However, depending on your contract with the school, it is a very real possibility.

Whereas in public schools, where federal and state laws make rules concerning school discipline, including expulsion, private schools operate on their own funding and therefore, their own set of rules.  This means that each private school determines its own rules concerning student discipline.  Parents will sign a contract with the school, and in this contract, rules about discipline and expulsion can be found.  The contract that you have with your private school might state that a DUI will lead to an automatic expulsion, or the guidelines might be more vague.  You might be allowed to present your case at a discipline hearing, and then a group of teachers or the headmaster of the school will decide your punishment.

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While you might not automatically be expelled from your private school if you receive a DUI, your private school does have a right to expel you.  That could be a consequence that you face.  If you are charged with a DUI, you should review the school contract that your parents signed.  It will usually be up to the school to decide if you should be expelled based on your personal case.  If you can present your side of the story to your school, you should do so.  This is an important opportunity, so take it seriously.  Explain to the school what happened and how you are planning to make positive changes in your life.  If the school hears this, they will be more likely to reduce your punishment from expulsion to suspension, or another similar punishment.  For legal advice concerning your hearing or your school contract, you can contact Ruane Attorneys here.

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Local Courthouse Lawyer vs. Connecticut DUI Lawyer

Mar. 7th 2014

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Being charged with a DUI can be a confusing and devastating event for you and your family.  You might be feeling shame, guilty, anger, and frustration.  The good news is that you do not have to face the difficulty of a DUI case by yourself.  There are several things that can be done in order to make your case less stressful for you and your family.  The best thing that you can do if you are charged with a DUI is to hire a DUI lawyer for yourself.  There are many differences between a local courthouse lawyer and a DUI lawyer, and if you have been charged with a DUI, you will have the best chance of winning your case if you hire a lawyer who has experience with cases that are similar to yours.

If you are charged with a DUI, it is important to contact a DUI lawyer.  While you can hire a regular courthouse lawyer, this is not in your best interest.  The average lawyer does not take many DUI cases, which means that your local courthouse lawyer will not have a lot experience with cases that are like yours.  It is not a regular lawyer’s job to stay up-to-date on the latest cases and laws concerning DUIs.  This gives both you and your lawyer a disadvantage before ever stepping foot in the courtroom.  If you want to be confident in your lawyer and have a reasonable chance of winning the case, you should look into hiring a DUI lawyer.

DUI lawyers concentrate in cases just like yours.  They are always aware of evolving legislation concerning DUIs, and may have even been a part of drafting certain DUI laws.  In addition, DUI lawyers have a lot of practice in the courtroom, specifically for DUI cases like your own.  DUI lawyers will know what has and has not worked in the courtroom in the past.  While this does not mean that you will definitely win your DUI case, it is safe to say that your chances of winning are best if you hire an experienced DUI lawyer.

If you have been charged with a DUI, your best bet at winning your case is to hire a DUI lawyer.  However, it is important to keep in mind that not all DUI lawyers are the same.  Make sure that you research your lawyer’s reputation and statistics in the courtroom.  Many lawyers will offer you a free consultation, so take advantage of this opportunity.  Ask any questions that you have during this consolation, and get a feel for what kind of a lawyer you are dealing with.  If you feel that the lawyer you are meeting with is not right for you or your case, keep looking until you find someone that you are comfortable with.  While you will have to deal with lawyer fees, many firms are flexible with how and when you pay.  If you are searching for a way to make the DUI process easier, definitely consider hiring a DUI lawyer.  Ruane Attorneys concentrates in DUI cases.  For a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer, click here.

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New Practice Group and Website launched.

Dec. 11th 2013

Ruane Attorneys is pleased to assist in the launch of Child Pornography Victims Lawyers new website.  We will provide development and litigation support to the lawyers and help them help victims of these terrible crimes put their lives back together. You can visit the website here.

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An Interview with Lady Juvenile, attorney Jill Ruane

Jul. 1st 2013

We sat down with attorney Jill Ruane to discuss her thoughts on the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the state of Connecticut.  If you have further questions concerning anything in this article, you can contact us here or, check out Lady Juvenile’s website.  

What privileges do adults with mental illnesses get in Connecticut adult court that juveniles do not get in juvenile court?  

To begin, it is important to clarify that juvenile court is a different legal process than adult court.  That being said, in adult court, people with mental illnesses have access to Connecticut’s Supervised Divisionary Program (SDP).  This program gives adults with mental illnesses more consideration than youthful offenders with mental illnesses receive.  There is no similar program for youthful offenders in Connecticut.  The only way that mental illness is considered for minors is if their attorney advocates for them and discloses this information during the negotiation.  Unfortunately, many times prosecutors are not receptive to mental illness.

What is the Supervised Divisionary Program?

The SDP is legislature that was written into law a few years ago.  The court realized that there was a high concentration of nonviolent mentally ill men in jail.  This was a concern at the time, as jails were overcrowded.  The state sought to address these high numbers and create a program to get mentally ill criminals court intervention in order to keep them out of jail.  The SDP mimics the accelerated rehabilitation program, which is fairly similar.

How are the accelerated rehabilitation program and the supervised divisionary program different?

Some of the main problems in the accelerated rehabilitation program are addressed and corrected in the SDP.  For example, the accelerated rehabilitation program only allows people to participate if they no prior criminal history.  You can also only use the accelerated rehabilitation program once.  The SDP focuses on a longer process of rehabilitation by allowing criminals with prior records to use the program’s resources up to two times.

What are some requirements for the SDP?

In order to be eligible to participate in the supervised divisionary program, you have to commit an eligible crime.  People who commit very serious crimes will not be taken into consideration for the program.  The program is really geared towards poor individuals that have used illegal substances in order to self-medicate.  This generally leads to crimes such as stealing, breach of peace, and possession of illegal substances.  These offenders are generally not violent, but these crimes can carry jail time as a potential sentence.  As an alternative to jail time, these individuals could qualify for the supervised divisionary program.  You also have to be willing to submit to a CSSD evaluation and to abide by the recommendations of the evaluation if you want to be part of the program.

Why is there no equivalent to the SDP in the juvenile court system?

I think that it really boils down to a lack of education on the part of lawyers and judges when dealing with Bridgeport juveniles that have mental illnesses.  Criminal behavior can be explained by mental illnesses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, or autism.  Autism is a huge one these days, because more and more people are being diagnosed with it.  Even violent crimes can be explained by autism.  It becomes the defense attorney’s job to educate the court on why the crime occurred, which can be difficult.  The prosecutor never has direct contact with the minor.  The judge doesn’t get the chance to speak to him or her for a very long time. This makes it difficult for them to understand that the child has a problem.

Can you give an example of how a youthful offender with a mental illness can be misunderstood by the court? 

Take the autism example again.  Let’s say that hypothetically, a teenager with autism is arrested for assaulting a sibling.  To start with, this altercation could be caused by the mental illness.  Kids with autism fear direct contact and have a hard time controlling themselves once they become angry.  So if a sibling gets mad and grabs the autistic teen’s arm, he is going to have a bad reaction.  On top of that, the illness might impact how he comes off to a police officer.  He might come across as defiant or remorseless but in reality he’s just afraid and doesn’t know how to handle the situation, as people with autism are not good with social cues.  Furthermore, some people with autism are literally unable to express or feel remorse.  Sometimes it’s hard for police officers or prosecutors in the Bridgeport juvenile system to know if the kid has a problem and needs treatment, or if he is a smart-aleck that needs to learn a lesson.

Do you think this happens to minors with mental illnesses across the board?

Not necessarily.  I definitely think that public defenders see this more than someone in the private sector.  This is because rich teenagers have more access to helpful services than poor teenagers do.  As a result, the poor suffer, and this leads to the problem that we had with mentally ill, nonviolent people in jail.

So what needs to change in the juvenile court system?  How can we fix this problem? 

For starters, people need to be educated.  Judges, lawyers, and police officers that deal with Bridgeport juveniles need to have a better understanding of mental illness so that we can treat it properly.  The legislature also has to change.  They need to create a program for poor children that don’t have the money to combat their mental illness.  By intervening at a younger age, we can help solve the problem of having mentally ill adults commit crimes.

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DUI Impact on Stay-at-Home Mom

Jun. 14th 2013

Receiving a DUI is undoubtedly an embarrassing and difficult process to go through.  It can affect not only you, but your loved ones as well.  Dealing with a DUI can put a strain on your financial resources as well as your emotional well-being.  If you are a stay at home mother who has received a DUI, you will not have to deal with the difficulty of explaining your actions to a boss.  However, you will have to answer to those around you, including your children.  This in itself can be extremely difficult.

In order to make the process of a DUI case as pain free as possible, you should look into hiring a DUI lawyer to answer questions and take some of the stress off of you.  While DUI lawyers can be expensive, most law firms will offer a free consultation for you to ask any questions that you may have and get the answers that you need.  Considering the amount of stress a DUI lawyer can take off of you, it might be in your best interest to hire one, even if it is a cost you weren’t expecting.

While DUI lawyers can help with the actual process of your case, you will still have to answer to your children and explain the situation to them.  If you are convicted of a DUI, your license will be suspended.  This means that you will be unable to drive your children to school or to after-school activities.  They might not understand why their routine has suddenly changed or why you are unable to drive them places.  It is important that you explain the situation to your children as best as you can.  Model good behavior by complying with the consequences of your DUI and do not drive with a suspended license.

You might take on a tremendous amount of emotional strain when faced with the aftermath of a DUI.  It is important to try not to get depressed as the result of your actions and instead seek to make positive changes in your life.  If you find yourself extremely upset and your behavior becomes erratic, consult a professional immediately.  There are people who can help you through this difficult time, and it is important to remember that you are not alone.  Furthermore, if the DUI was a result of a drinking problem, it is important to seek professional help and begin a recovery program.

Financial and personal difficulties will arise as a result of a DUI.  Your routine will have to change because you will not be able to drive.  Furthermore, you might find that your financial situation has taken a hit.  It is important that you stay positive and try to deal with these changes in a healthy manner.  Come up with new routines and solutions to the problems that you face.  This will help you to recover from the DUI and continue to be a role model for your children.  If you are interested in reaching out to a lawyer, you can contact Ruane Attorneys here.

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Forensic Evidence Seminar

Jun. 7th 2013

Today the members of Ruane Attorneys attended a training seminar on forensic evidence in Connecticut. As criminal defense lawyers, it is important to stay abreast of developments in law and science.


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DUI Impact on Truck Driver with CDL

May. 24th 2013

Receiving a DUI can be embarrassing and inconvenient no matter whom you are.  However, if you are a truck driver with a commercial driving license (CDL) and you receive a DUI, you will be facing a more difficult process than the average driver on the road.  As a truck driver, you will be subjected to stricter blood alcohol limits than the average person, and the consequences of getting a DUI, whether on or off duty, are higher.  Fully understanding the consequences of a DUI can help you to take precautionary measures to ensure that you will not get behind the wheel after drinking.

Truck drivers and other drivers with commercial driving licenses are held to higher standards on the road than the average driver.  This is due to the fact that the cargo carried in trucks and the sheer size of a truck itself can do a lot more damage on the road than a car can.  Driving while under the influence can therefore be a major public safety concern, and it can make you a liability to your employer.  For these reasons, receiving a DUI if you have a CDL can have serious consequences.

It is important to consider the fact that if you are a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license, you will be subjected to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations concerning drug or alcohol use while driving.  These regulations are most restrictive in terms of their blood-alcohol concentration limit, which is set at 0.04%, a much smaller amount than what a person without a CDL will face.  The toleration for having alcohol in your system as a truck driver with a CDL is lower because of the safety risks involved with driving large trucks carrying potentially dangerous cargo.  Furthermore, the FMCSA rules state that if you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test, you will automatically be found guilty of driving under the influence.

The process of being tried for a DUI if you have a CDL is similar to that of the average person’s.  You will undergo the same process as a typical driver, however you will be subjected to the lower alcohol-blood level content limit, and your license could be suspended for a longer period of time than is normal for non-commercial drivers.  In addition, the consequences of receiving a DUI as someone who has a CDL can be significant.  If your license is suspended, whether you received your DUI on or off duty, it will greatly affect your job.  You will not be able to work and therefore your livelihood will be affected.  Furthermore, you could lose your job, and having a DUI on your record will make it difficult for you to be hired by another company.

The consequences of receiving a DUI as a truck driver with a CDL are severe.  You will be subjected to stricter regulations than a non-commercial driver and receiving a DUI will directly affect your ability to work.  Refraining from driving under the influence is important if your livelihood depends on driving.  If you have further questions, you can contact Ruane Attorneys by clicking here.

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4th of July weekend DUI Checkpoints

Jul. 1st 2011

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. Here are the locations for the Connecticut State Police DUI checkpoints. Remember to be safe and avoid drinking and driving. Use a designated driver!

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New Addition to Ruane Attorneys

May. 6th 2011

We are pleased to announce the addition of Attorney Zach Reiland to Ruane Attorneys.  Zach was with us in 2009 as an intern while he studied at Quinnipiac University School of Law.  He will be in charge of our newly created civil division, focusing on post conviction and family law.  His blog is at Check it out for information when you can!

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