Connecticut DMV Points

Connecticut DMV Points

Many people have heard of the phrase “points” when it comes to a driver’s license. Connecticut has a point system which can cause you to lose your license. Depending on how your case is negotiated, it is possible to get less than a DUI but still lose your license because of points violations. It is important to know the point system before you begin to determine what is the best resolution for you, and also to know what points you may already have on your license. The following chart is provided as a public resource of Ruane Attorneys. We are happy to discuss the issue of “points” with you when we talk about your case. Points stay on your driving history for 24 months from the time they are put on your driving history. The DMV should send you a letter if you have more than 6 points on your license warning you of the potential of a suspension.

Assessment of Points Against an Operator’s License for Motor Vehicle Law Violations

Sec. 14-137a-5. Point assessment. Schedule
The holder of an operator’s license shall have points assessed against his or her driving record for a conviction of the indicated motor vehicle violations in accordance with the following schedule:

One point shall be assessed for:
(1) Sec. 14-218a—Operating at unreasonable rate of speed
(2) Sec. 14-219—Speeding
(3) Sec. 14-230—Failure to drive in right-hand lane
(4) Sec. 14-230a—Illegal use of limited access highway by bus, commercial vehicle or vehicle with trailer
(5) Sec. 14-236—Improper operation on multiple-lane highways
(6) Sec. 14-237—Improper operation on divided highway
(7) Sec. 14-239—Wrong direction at rotary or one-way street
(8) Sec. 14-242—Improper turn, illegal turn, illegal stopping, failure to signal intention to turn
(9) Sec. 14-243—Improper backing or starting
(10) Sec. 14-244—Failure to give proper signal
(11) Sec. 14-277—Operator’s duties on stopping a school bus
(12) Sec. 14-289b—Operation of motorcycles abreast, illegal passing
(13) Sec. 14-303—Wrong way on one-way street

Two points shall be assessed for:
(1) Sec. 14-220—Slow speed, impeding traffic
(2) Sec. 14-223 (a)—Disobeying orders of officer
(3) Sec. 14-238—Entering or leaving controlled access highway at other than
designated entrance or exit
(4) Sec. 14-238a—Entry upon a limited access highway other than a highway intersection or designated point
(5) Sec. 14-241—Executing turn from wrong lane or contrary to traffic control devices
(6) Sec. 14-249—Failure to obey signal at railroad crossing
(7) Sec. 14-250—Failure to stop at railroad crossing by school bus, commercial motor vehicle carrying flammable or explosive substance, taxicab, motor vehicle in livery service, motor bus, motor vehicle used for the transportation of school children
(8) Sec. 14-298—Failure to observe parkway or expressway restrictions
(9) Sec. 14-299—Failure to obey traffic control signal light
(10) Sec. 14-301—Failure to obey stop sign
(11) Sec. 14-302—Failure to obey yield sign
(12) Sec. 14-304—Operating a vehicle through pedestrian safety zone

Three points shall be assessed for:
(1) Sec. 14-227a (b)—Driving while impaired
(2) Sec. 14-231—Failure to keep to right when meeting opposing traffic
(3) Sec. 14-232—Improper passing or failure to yield to passing vehicle
(4) Sec. 14-233—Passing on right
(5) Sec. 14-234—Passing in no passing zone
Sec. 14-137a page 4 (5-97)
§ 14-137a-5 Department of Motor Vehicles
(6) Sec. 14-235—Failure to keep to right on curve, grade or when
approaching intersection
(7) Sec. 14-240—Failure to drive reasonable distance apart
(8) Sec. 14-245—Failure to grant right of way at intersection
(9) Sec. 14-246a—Failure to grant right of way at junction of highways
(10) Sec. 14-247—Failure to yield when emerging from driveway or private road
(11) Sec. 14-247a—Failure to grant right of way when emerging from alley,
driveway or building
(12) Sec. 14-283—Failure to grant right of way to ambulance, police or fire apparatus
(13) Sec. 14-300—Failure to grant right of way to pedestrian

Four points shall be assessed for:
(1) Sec. 14-224 (c)—Wagering, speed record
(2) Sec. 14-240a—Failure to drive reasonable distance apart, intent to harass
(3) Sec. 14-279—Passing stopped school bus

Five points shall be assessed for:
(1) Sec. 14-281a—Operation of school bus at excessive speed
(2) Sec. 14-222a—Negligent homicide with a motor vehicle
(Effective February 4, 1992)