Connecticut Work Permit Information

Connecticut Work Permit Information

Work Permit 

  • Regulation - Sec. 14-37a. Special operator’s permit for employment purposes. (a) Any person whose operator’s license has been suspended pursuant to any provision of this chapter or chapter 248, except pursuant to section 14-215 for operating under suspension or pursuant to section 14-140 for failure to appear for trial, may make application to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for a special permit to operate a motor vehicle to and from such person’s place of employment or, if such person is not employed at a fixed location, to operate a motor vehicle only in connection with, and to the extent necessary, to properly perform such person’s business or profession.

    Special Operator’s Permits are subject to strict standards for approval and use. Misuse of a permit or receipt of a traffic citation, leading to license suspension while operating under a permit, may result in substantially enhanced penalties.

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School Permits

  • Regulation – A Special Operator’s Permit for Higher Education may be used to travel to and from classes at accredited institutions of higher education. You must also provide a certified copy of your class and examination schedule clearly identifying the days, hours and geographic locations of your classes. A copy of a completed release under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy must also be submitted.
  • Application – Education permit