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Connecticut Pardon Eligibility

There are two types of pardons in Connecticut:

If you are a prisoner sentenced for eight years or more, you must serve at least four years before applying for a pardon. In sentences of less than eight years, at least one half of the term must be served, but in no event can the actual time served be less than 18 months. The Board does not count pre-sentence incarceration time.

If you are not in prison, the following rules apply for Expungement pardon eligibility:
  • You can apply for an Expungement pardon three years after the date of a misdemeanor conviction
  • You can apply for an Expungement pardon five years after the date of a felony conviction.
  • You must be off of probation/parole
  • You cannot have any nolle within the last thirteen months

You may apply for a Provisional pardon any time after conviction.

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