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Drug Possession
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Each year, thousands of Connecticut citizens are charged with the possession of illegal drugs.

Sometimes, even with a valid prescription, people are charged with the illegal possession of legal drugs.  The laws are tough, and many times the prosecutors and judges don’t take the time to truly listen to your side of the story.  That is where Ruane Attorneys come in.  We are advocates.  We fight for our clients and tell the whole story to the judge and prosecutors.  We let them know about the facts around your arrest, not just the fact you were arrested.  We let them know who you are as a person, and we let them know why this won’t ever happen again.

Just because you have been charged with illegal possession of drugs in Connecticut does not mean that the law cannot be on your side.  We have found cases where police officers have conducted illegal searches, or unconstitutional arrests.  Both situations may lead to the case against you being compromised or dropped entirely.  If you have a substance abuse issue which led to your arrest we may be able to coordinate your rehab with the best possible court resolution.

At Ruane Attorneys our staff of highly trained attorneys and support staff are here to help you get the legal help you need in order to get your life back on track.  We have a reputation for fighting for our clients and winning the tough cases.  By contacting us today, you take the first step in protecting yourself, and you can do that without paying for an initial consultation.  In this section, you can research the Connecticut drug laws, read our frequently asked questions to find out what other people asked, and read up on Connecticut court procedure so you know what will happen at your court appearance.

Each year hundreds of people charged with drug possession in Connecticut call a Ruane Attorney to defend them.  Contact us today to see how we can help get you through this troubling time.