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Being charged with a DUI in Connecticut is a frightening experience.

In one night, your whole life can change. Suddenly you are facing a court appearance, a fight to save your suspended driver’s license and the embarrassment and shame that goes with being accused of a crime. All at once you life seems out of control. Unfortunately, a DUI arrest usually is compounded with other family and personal issues, and it may seem overwhelming at times. That is where we come in. At Ruane Attorneys, our lawyers and staff are trained in the defense of Connecticut DUI cases. We have a reputation for fighting for our clients and winning the tough cases all over Connecticut. By putting our team to work for you, we can take on the stress of the court and DMV fight, and allow you to fix the other parts in your life.

At Ruane Attorneys, we put our years of experience in handling DUI cases to work for you to achieve outstanding results when others say there is no hope. We have successfully represented people who have admitted they had been drinking, had open containers of alcohol in their car, and have had serious accidents. With our firm on your side, no case is a lost cause. We strive to find defenses that other lawyers miss.

Each year, hundreds of people charged with DUI call Ruane Attorneys for advice on how to defend themselves.Even police officers and prosecutors call us when they are facing a DUI charge. We never charge for a consultation, so contact us today to get answers to your questions.