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At Ruane Attorneys At Law, we are the largest law firm in Connecticut devoted to the defense of DUI cases in Hartford Connecticut.

We have committed our practice to DUI defense in order to best serve the thousands of Hartford Connecticut citizens who are arrested in Hartford for DUI or drunk driving each year. According the state statistics, over 13000 people are arrested each year for DUI, so if you have been charged with a DUI, you ARE NOT ALONE. We can help you. In oder to best navigate this site, we recommend that you get out a pen and paper (or hook up a printer!) and start with the Hartford Connecticut DUI Courthouse page.

If you would prefer to get feeback from us about your Hartford DUI case, you can start with the Hartford DUI Intake Questionairre, which will be emailed to us immediately and we will contact you to set up your FREE, no obligation office or telephone conference.

In addition to providing this and other websites for Hartford area people charged with DUI, Attorney Ruane has written a book for citizens entitled “Dealing With It” which gives important information about Hartford DUI cases. If you would like more information about the DUI book, you can visit this page which has excerpts from the book and the ability to come in for your free copy or pay for the shipping and handling of a copy to be shipped to you for no additional cost.

Finally, visit these pages to find out about the Attorneys and Staff of Ruane Attorneys at Law and then see what sets Hartford DUI Ruane Attorneys apart from other lawyers and law firms in Connecticut.

Thank you for visiting our pages. We are here to help you. If all this is overwhleming, just give us a call at 888-DUI-HOPE (888-384-4673) and we can talk to you in person about your case.