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Juvenile Detention Locations in Connceticut

Bail and Detention for Juvenile Offenders
Children and Youths in Connecticut are not entitled to pretrial release. While the purpose of the court is to serve the best interest of the child, and many time that includes keeping the child at home, the state may seek to detain your child in child detention. If so, they will be housed in one of 3 possible locations

  • Juvenile Detention Center at Bridgeport
    60 Housatonic Avenue, Bridgeport 06604

  • Juvenile Detention Center at Hartford
    920 Broad Street, Hartford 06106

  • Juvenile Detention Center at New Haven
    239 Whalley Avenue, New Haven 06511

Records of Juvenile proceedings
Generally, all records of cases of juvenile matters are confidential. Certain exceptions apply. For example, the record of the case of a juvenile matter involving delinquency proceedings or any part thereof, shall be available to the victim of the crime committed by such child to the same extent as the record of the case of a defendant in a criminal proceeding in the regular criminal docket would be available. (See C.G.S. 46b-124).

Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 46b-122 (1997): Judge shall exclude from a juvenile hearing people not necessary to the proceeding.

Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 46b-124 (1998): All juvenile court records are confidential. However, records can be inspected pursuant to a court order by any person who has a legitimate interest in the information.

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