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Legal Fees

One of the biggest concerns people have when facing a Connecticut DUI arrest, Connecticut Drug Arrest or Connecticut Domestic Violence arrest is the cost of an attorney.

No one ever budgets for needing a lawyer, and usually these problems hit you when you are least prepared. We realized that no one has a savings account for “My Defense” and we are prepared to assist you with your financial needs.

Our office operates on a Flat Fee basis, which means that for every stage of the process, you will pay one fee, regardless of the number of appearances in court or the amount of work we have to do to defend you.

We resolve 95% of the case we handle pretrial, which means our clients are fully paid with the initial fee. The small percentage of cases which do proceed to trial are also charged on a flat fee basis, which enables our clients to know what the fee is prior to entering the case.

For payment, we will accept cash, personal checks, bank checks and credit cards. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you wish to pay be credit card, we can accept a card in your name or you may have a third party pay for your legal fee, although they will have to execute a payment agreement. Even if a third person pays some or all of your legal fee, they are not entitled to know anything about your case. We only discuss your case with you.

If you pay by credit card we can agree to charge you credit card in 3 installments, of 50% on the initial day, with two 25% payments being made in the following 2 months. Please contact the office for more information about our payment policy. All clients are required to have signed an original retainer agreement which will be kept on file in our office. Once your retainer fee is signed, even if we raise our rates, you will only pay the fees outlined in your agreement.