Southern Connecticut State University
- 2017
University of Massachusetts School of Law
- 2020

Awards & Honors

Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court Pro Bono Honor Roll
Connecticut Bar Association
Member since - 2021
Brenton Callaghan
Brenton Callaghan
Ruane Attorneys At Law, LLC

I was long plagued by the notion that if the landscape of American modernity could be painted accurately, income inequality, and its related externalities, would certainly occupy the foreground. It was the wrestling with this thought, and contemplating what best could be pursued to alleviate it, that made me decide to become an attorney. Attorneys, by the nature of their position, are capable of great harm, while being equally capable of a greater good.

Every society throughout human history has produced people that live well, relative to their time and peers. Therefore societies can only be judged based on how they treat those who do not enjoy certain advantages – the downtrodden, the poor, the suspected criminal, and even the convicted criminal. This is what is so enjoyable about working in the law – a modest ability to assuage the suffering of the people and to take part in ensuring that our society be judged well.

My Path to Law

On a day to day basis, traveling the state and dealing with a large cross-section of people is what I enjoy most about working in the law. It is my professional preference to work in a field that allows me to be active throughout the day and to be surprised by the end of the day, not waiting for it. I think this is due to the fact that there is an understated, but very palpable energy in a courthouse and law firm that is compelling.

The law only takes up part of my time however, and on my down time, I enjoy watching sports, playing golf, reading, art, chess, being outdoors, and the idea of hiking. I also greatly enjoy spending time with friends and family. I grew up in Connecticut, and spent much of my childhood playing sports, enjoying scenic Bethany, and barely tolerating school. However, at a certain point we all must resolve ourselves to do what is necessary, and for me that meant going to law school in Massachusetts. It was a transformative experience, not just professionally but personally as well, and ultimately allowed for me to find, and appreciate, balance.

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