Attorney Jay Ruane explains how something as simple as Tylenol pm can show up as an illegal drug on a drug test. Watch the video here:

Are Police Field Tests Sending Innocent People to Jail?

So far we have seen sugar 🍭 create a false positive for amphetamines and now this… The answers you’re seeking about whether or not these police field tests can actually send innocent people to jail are found in this video. I am here to help you! For more information on false positives and criminal charges contact my office at 203-925-9200 📲#ruaneattorneys #criminaldefense #falsepositves #connecticut #lawfirm

Posted by Ruane Attorneys At Law, LLC on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Video Transcript

Okay. Many of you have seen my test of the Marquis Reagent that tested positive for amphetamines with some domino sugar. And so we want to talk about another reagent test that also can have some false positives. And that is the Scott Reagent test. The Scott Reagent test is designed for cocaine in the field.

So what I did is I went out. I got a pill bottle here of a very popular brand of a nighttime sleep aid. And what I’m going to do, is open that up and get through the child protection because it’s so important that we have that. We’re going to take out one of these pills, we’re going to run one of these through the Reagent test to see how it turns when the pill itself is exposed to the chemicals in the reagent.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to open this up and we’re going to take a bunch of pills out and then we’re going to pick one at random here. So everyone can see that it’s a random pill. Now, the thing that’s different about this presentation is that these pills come with a coating on them. So in order to get the substance inside, I’m going to have to crush the pill to put it into the tester. But that’s really the only difference.

Testing the Substance

So I’m going to pick this random pill. We got one here and I’m going to break it here. And so we’re going to have what we need here is for something to be tested. So let’s put it in here and let’s see what happens. So we’re going to open it up, and I’ll use the spoon. Just pick it up here and what I’m trying to do is peel off as much of the blue tinge that I can because we don’t want it showing that it’s the blue from that, right? So let’s get rid of that. So we see that it’s all white that’s going in. We’re going to drop it in here.

Now, this is what a police officer would do in the field when they suspect that the white powder that they find is cocaine. So what they’ll do is they’ll put it in. If you see in here, we’ve got the white pill at the bottom of the test. So we’ll close it up. Since these are chemicals, we want to do them appropriately. So now what we’re going to do is we are going to break the ampules that are in here. So we’re going to break them from left to right. Alright. We’re going to go across. See what we got here. So, now we’re looking for it to go to blue in the pill and pink in the liquid around.

False Positive

And what do we have there? We have blue in the substance and pink in the liquid. Which means that according to this, we have cocaine. Now, you all saw me take the pill out of this Tylenol pm. We picked a random one and we put it in here. But this pill right here is testing positive for cocaine. Now, many people might say, well, if you have Tylenol pm, “why would the police officer test that in a field kit?” but that’s not what really this is all about. What this is all about is that many, many substances, not just something that I picked up at the Walgreens yesterday. But many, many, substances can test falsely positive on these reagent tests.

And it’s important for a lawyer, and it’s important for a person charged with a criminal offense, to understand this and fight these reagent tests because these tests are not accurate for scientific purposes. And these can send somebody to jail. You could wind up having a very high bond. You might not be able to post a bond. You could be waiting for months or years for your case, to wind up going to trial to be vindicated. So it’s important that the public knows how false positives can happen with these types of tests. I’m Jay Ruane and I hope I taught you something today. If you need help with a drug test situation, contact my office today.