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  • Preventing Abuse by Considering these Factors
    | 30 June 2015
    Preventing Abuse by Considering these Factors
    Before you choose a nursing home for your loved one, there are several factors to consider. Think about your personal situation and the nursing homes you are researching. There are many factors to consider before making a decision. I’ve compiled a list of the most basic steps to take when narrowing down the home options. Taking the time to investigate these steps and tips will help to protect your loved one. Determine If a Nursing Home Is Right For Your Loved...
  • Baby Boomer Increasing Need for Nursing Homes
    | 30 June 2015
    Baby Boomer Increasing Need for Nursing Homes
    After the end of World War II and the troops returned home, an explosion in babies being born occurred. This phenomenon is known as the “baby boom.” Anyone who was born between 1946 and 1964 is a member of the baby boomer generation. This large explosion of newborn babies has no real explanation. But, some might argue that people wanted a sense of normalcy after such a long period of war. Now that the baby boomers are starting to reach retirement age, many of...
  • 8 Pieces of Info to Give a Nursing Home
    | 26 June 2015
    8 Pieces of Info to Give a Nursing Home
    When you have decided on a nursing home, you can help prevent issues. This can happen by providing information about your loved one and your family. Prevent miscommunication, neglect, and abuse by giving this information to a nursing home. If your loved one already lives in a nursing home, provide this information now. Below is a list of important information that you should give to the nursing home that you decide on. Medical History There is some information that you should...
  • Creating a Useful Care Plan
    | 23 June 2015
    Creating a Useful Care Plan
    If you are reading this, you probably have an elderly parent whose health is declining. It is no secret that as your mom or dad grows older, their health will begin to decline. They may become unable to be as independent as they previously had been. Though they may not want help from others, getting help might be important to their health. It is important to work with your loved one to create a care plan that you agree on. This can ensure...
  • 8 Tips for Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record
    | 13 January 2015
    8 Tips for Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record
    If you’re thinking about improving your happiness, you may have decided that you want a new job. However, you may have found that applying for jobs is more difficult when you have a criminal record. This is something that can automatically set you back when interviewing or trying to get a new position. However, this does not mean that you should give up on your dreams of finding a more fulfilling career. Here, I will discuss some great tips that...
  • Legal Terms to Know
    | 12 January 2015
    Legal Terms to Know
    The process of filing a lawsuit or pressing criminal charges can be overwhelming. To help you navigate the legal system, we have compiled a list of some of the most common legal terms. Familiarize yourself with these to make this process as simple as possible. What is a Defendant? The defendant in a case is the person being accused of committing a crime. In this situation, the defendant in the lawsuit will be the person accused of neglect or abuse. This is a term used in both civil and criminal...
  • 10 Things to Know About Connecticut Appellate Practice
    | 31 October 2014
    10 Things to Know About Connecticut Appellate Practice
    If you are looking for a few quick facts on appellate practice, this is the page to view! Below are the 10 most basic facts about the appellate practice and what you need to know if you are planning to appeal your case. For more detailed information, please check out the other pages in this section. One You can appeal a finding in your case up to three times. First, you appeal to the appellate court. If this does not...
  • 10 Important Things to Know About a Connecticut DUI
    10 Important Things to Know About a Connecticut DUI
    DUI Facts Connecticut DUI law can seem complicated. Learn about 10 important things to know about Connecticut DUI here. If you refuse to take a breath test, you violate implied consent laws. This means that your license will automatically get suspended, regardless of the verdict in your Connecticut DUI case. There are two hearings involved in a DUI – the court hearing and the DMV hearing. The court hearing will determine if you are guilty or innocent of driving under the influence....
  • Introduction to DUI
    | 31 October 2014
    Introduction to DUI
    DUI statute should be considered for anyone arrested for a DUI in the state of Connecticut. For more information, refer to this website: Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol or DRUGS (CGS § 14-227a) DUI Statute: Elevated BAC The law prohibits driving in some cases. One situation is while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Another happens when driving with “elevated blood alcohol content.” A person is “under the influence” if their ability to drive is affected by alcohol or...
  • What Are Some Common Costs of Litigation in Connecticut?
    | 25 April 2014
    What Are Some Common Costs of Litigation in Connecticut?
    If you are considering a settlement, the cost of litigation can be a big concern. If a judgement will not cover the legal costs of the litigation, the lawsuit might not be worth pursuing. Common Costs Some of the most common litigation fees include: Hiring expert witnesses. Copy fees. Court fees. Lawyer fees. Secretary fees. Paralegal fees. Specialist fees. Consultation fees. Deposition fees. Private investigation fees. Computer legal research fees. The cost of getting an analysis or report of the case....