• 3 Common Crime Show Myths
    DUI Lawyers, Types of Crimes
    | 17 February 2015
    3 Common Crime Show Myths
    We see it all of the time. Television and movies dramatize everything. From love, to family, to being in high school, television and movies make everything seem more intense and emotional. This rule applies to crime and the criminal system as well. You might be wondering if the criminal justice system is really replicated by Law and Order, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. Or, are these shows just fabrications? It’s safe to say that some elements of law are accurately portrayed...
  • The 10 Worst DUI Lawyers in Connecticut
    DUI Lawyers
    | 04 January 2013
    The 10 Worst DUI Lawyers in Connecticut
    Top 10 Worst DUI Defense Lawyers 10.  The Big Firm Lawyer: Usually hired by the corporate father of the arrestee, they take the case in order to keep him from pulling away their other business, but they stick some junior associate on the case to hold hands and take whatever the prosecutor offers. 9.  The Real Estate Lawyer: They handled your house closing, so they have to be able to handle your DUI case, right? Too bad 99% of house...
  • 10 Important Things to Know About a Connecticut DUI
    10 Important Things to Know About a Connecticut DUI
    DUI Facts Connecticut DUI law can seem complicated. Learn about 10 important things to know about Connecticut DUI here. If you refuse to take a breath test, you violate implied consent laws. This means that your license will automatically get suspended, regardless of the verdict in your Connecticut DUI case. There are two hearings involved in a DUI – the court hearing and the DMV hearing. The court hearing will determine if you are guilty or innocent of driving under the influence....