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Slip and fall injuries account for many accidental injuries in the United States. This is especially the case for children, who sometimes don’t pay attention to signs or warnings that a surface might be slippery. While on vacation, your child might slip by the hotel pool, in the lobby, or walking around a cruise ship. Children can also fall in other places, such as at school or in an office building.

These injuries may not result from mere clumsiness; they could be the fault of the proprietor of an establishment. Consider if there was sufficient warning that a surface was wet or slippery. If there was not, someone else might be at fault for your child’s injury.

Proving Fault

There are a few main things that you need to prove if your child was injured in a slip and fall accident and you think that someone else is responsible. The first thing that you and your lawyer need to prove is: did the child sustain an injury? You can prove that your child did indeed get injured by getting a doctor’s report. For example, if you argue in court that your child broke their arm when they slipped and fell, the broken arm must be proven. You will need evidence from a doctor to best prove the injury.

The second thing that you need to prove is that the injury is a direct result of the fall. For example, the other party (usually the owner of the property) might try to argue that your child sustained the injury some other way. They might try to prove that the injury occurred at another time in order to get out of the situation. So, you need to prove to the best of your ability that your child was injured when the fell. You might use camera footage to show the point of impact on the fall and prove that the injury occurred at that spot. A doctor might also be able to narrow down the timeline of when the injury occurred.

Finally, you need to prove that the property owner was negligent in warning people that a surface was slippery. If there are signs everywhere warning that the surface is slippery, and your child runs over it regardless, you probably won’t have a strong case. But, if there were no signs or warnings that a surface was slippery, that points to negligence on someone else’s part.

Getting Help

For assistance with your personal injury case, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer who has dealt with children cases before. Not only can a personal injury lawyer help you through the court process, but they can also help you determine if you have a legitimate case. If you would like to discuss your child’s case with me, please contact me at 203-925-9200.


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