The Children's Law Team

If you have a child, you know the life-changing impact that they have on you.

All of those cliche sayings that you used to hear about kids are no longer sappy – they’re just true. Your child becomes your whole world.

I know this because having children changed me. I have always been interested in helping children – that’s why when I became a lawyer in 2007 I began working with juvenile defense cases. But since having children, I have a whole new understanding for what I do. I know that when you hire me, you are entrusting me with the safety of the thing that is most precious to you in the world – your child.

I take that responsibility seriously.

As a parent, I would do anything to make sure that my children feel supported, and that they are healthy and safe. I understand how fiercely a parent wants to protect their child. I also understand how helpless you can feel when your child goes off into the world, and there is the potential that they will get hurt or make mistakes.

No matter how well you have prepared your child to make good choices, mistakes happen and accidents happen. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t do everything that you can to protect your child.

You can’t watch over your child at all times. Sometimes someone you trusted will end up injuring your child, whether it was a true accident or they acted in a negligent way. Other times, your child may make a mistake and have a run in with the law.

My law team is uniquely prepared to handle any situation your child might face. Our team of civil lawyers can assist you if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit because your child was injured in some way. We can review the facts of the situation, gather evidence, and get your family the compensation that you deserve. Once you get justice, you will be able to begin the healing process from this difficult experience.

In addition to our child injury lawyers, our team has juvenile defense attorneys who can help your child in other situations. You don’t want your child’s future to be defined by one mistake. We can work with a judge and the juvenile process to help your child get the help that they need and move on from a difficult situation.

When you hire me and my team, I make you and your family a promise. I not only promise to defend your child to the best of my ability as a lawyer. I also promise to protect your child like a parent would, and make sure that they get the justice that they deserve.

Many of us at Ruane Attorneys are parents, and we understand the profound impact that having a child has on a person. We will fight for your child as if they are our own, and help your family through this difficult time.

For more information about our services and your child’s case, please explore this section of our website. We have many other downloadables and ebooks that you can refer to as you seek to learn more about your child’s situation. To get started protecting your child today, contact my office at 203-925-9200.

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