One fundamental aspect of the American Dream is the right to own property. When this right is threatened, it can leave you feeling helpless. Luckily, there are some housing discrimination issues that are protected by United States law. You can learn more about housing discrimination in this section, as well as what to do about it.

Housing Discrimintion

Housing discrimination occurs when a person faces unequal treatment in property matters. Whether they are trying to buy, lease, sell, finance, or rent property, all people should be treated equally in property matters. If unequal treatment occurs due to the applicant’s race, sex, religion, class, disability, or other protected factors, that person is likely the victim of housing discrimination. Steps can occur to rectify the situation if you are a victim of housing discrimination. Learn more about some common issues in this section.

Public Housing

Public housing is available to those in most need. Discrimination in public housing should not occur. Check out this page to find out if you want to apply for public housing, or if you think you are the victim of public housing discrimination. You can learn what you should do next from the information on this page.

Mortgage/Loan Issues

Many people have to take out loans or mortgages in order to finance their homes. If you cannot get a mortgage or a loan, it will be difficult for you to own property. Find out more about discrimination when it comes to financing your home on this page.

Right to Privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy, especially when they are on their own property or property that they are renting. If your privacy has been violated, you deserve justice. Learn more on this page.

Renting Issues

Renting property can be a stressful process. It can be even more stressful if your perfectly good applications keep getting denied by landlords and rental services. Unfair practices once you begin renting can also occur. Learn your rights and how to protect them here.