In Western society, we like to praise individualism. But at the same time, our society still treats different people unequally. The opportunities available to you and how other people treat you will vary significantly if you are, for example, a white man or a black woman.

In this section, I want to discuss some common minority discrimination issues. If you are member of one of these minority groups, you will find helpful information on these pages. You can learn about discrimination issues as well as how to deal with them. As a victim of discrimination based on status in one of these minority groups, you should learn about how to get help and protect your rights.


Despite the fact that slavery has been abolished in the United States for the past 150 years, racist sentiments still pervade in individuals and institutions. Those who are part of a minority race are more likely to experience police brutality and misconduct than white people. Minorities also earn less money than white people and are prone to discrimination in the workplace. Learn more about combatting racism by viewing this page.


Women face many of the same issues as those who are part of race minorities. While there have been several waves of feminism, and steps have been taken to improve equality between men and women, sexism still exists. Whether in terms of large issues, such as sexual harassment or unequal pay, or smaller microagressions, this inequality is not right. On this page, you can learn how to seek justice for discrimination based on gender.


People with disabilities oftentimes face restrictions in our society. If you face issues with places that are not handicap accessible, you have a right to seek justice. Issues in the workplace or other parts of life also need to be rectified. Learn more about these issues and what you can do about them here.


Oftentimes, those who are heavily religious look and act differently than the average citizen. A misunderstanding of many religions leads to religious persecution that should be rectified in our society. Discrimination based on religion must be abolished, and can be if we take the steps to punish those who perpetuate it. Learn more in our religious discrimination section.


Agism is a significant issue in our society. While some cultures revere their elderly, Americans tend to view the elderly as insignificant. The elderly can face discrimination in the workplace if they still work, in nursing homes, in hospitals, and more. If you are getting older or you are concerned about your elderly loved ones, check out this section.