Getting arrested can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. It is especially terrifying if you did not commit the crime that you are being accused of. We all want to have faith in the justice system, but the truth is that some cases do result in wrongful convictions. There are several factors that oftentimes go into a wrongful conviction. If you fear wrongful conviction, you should familiarize yourself with these issues. This can help you avoid them.

Guilty Pleas

The majority of cases never go to trial; instead, they are resolved at the plea bargaining stage or even earlier. Sometimes, people accused of a crime plead guilty, even if they didn’t commit a crime. There are many reasons why this might happen. Ultimately, it is a combination of fear and low resources that oftentimes result in a false confession. Public defenders will oftentimes encourage their clients to take a plea bargain and avoid jail time. If you are accused of a crime that you didn’t commit, do not be intimidated into a confession. Contact our office and we will get to work on your defense as soon as possible.

Trial Issues

If your case does go to trial, there are many types of evidence that can be tampered with or false. One common example is false testimony. Eyewitness accounts are relied on heavily during trials, but the truth is that they are not very accurate. Some people, such as police officers, might lie on the stand. Or, witnesses might simply misremember information about your case.

Other types of evidence, such as circumstantial evidence and scientific evidence also might not be accurate. But, these are factors that seem logical and realistic to a jury. They can be enough to sway a jury, even if they are not true or if they are fabricated.

Protecting Yourself

Do not let yourself be bullied by the justice system. The first thing that you need to do is hire a competent attorney to help you. This can help you avoid a trial. A good lawyer also won’t let you take a plea bargain if you have not committed a crime.

If a conviction has already been handed down by the court, you could consider filing an appeal. During this appeal, you can challenge evidence and the chain of events that occurred during your trial. No matter what your situation is, please contact my office. I can help you fight your charge and avoid a wrongful conviction.