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When convicted of a crime, you may find that the court erred in the application of law in your case. If this happens, it warrants a fresh set of eyes and a dedicated Connecticut appeals lawyer to advocate for you in the appeal process.

Conviction for a crime is always difficult. But, it is especially difficult if it is a result of a court error. If you are innocent of the crime you have been convicted of, you have a right to appeal the case. This is also the case if you got more sever punishments than necessary in your case. An appeal will allow a judge to reverse the decision in your case. This can fix any errors that the court originally made.

If you want to file an appeal with the court, don’t go it alone. An appeal is not the same thing as a trial. Because of this, in order to establish the right briefs and oral argument, you need the help of an attorney. However, you should not hire a regular trial attorney to help you with an appeal. Instead, you need to find a lawyer who is experienced with appeals – whether in a state appeals court or the Supreme Court.

Ruane Attorneys

Ruane Attorneys has a history of dedicated appellate practice. We understand the subtle differences between a trial and an appeal. We also know how to craft the best brief or reply brief. Finally, we can help you establish the best oral argument that you can present. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the justice that they deserve, even if that means taking the appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

Our experience allows us to establish the best case for your appeal. Our attorneys have handled appeals in both the Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York. In addition, Attorney Jim Ruane, Attorney Jay Ruane and Attorney Teresa DiNardi have been admitted to the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

In addition to defending appeal clients, Attorneys Jim and Jay Ruane have participated as amicus counsel. They did this on behalf of the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. This is a testament to their excellent reputation in the community for appellate work.

With a history of trend setting litigation in appellate courts, Ruane Attorneys has created some impressive case law in the areas of DUI, criminal defense and habeas corpus throughout the year.  For a free consultation on your appeal, please contact us.