When a loved one is arrested, your first response is to try to bail them out. In many situations, that is the right thing to do. The Connecticut bail system will be reviewed in this section.

Our office can assist with this process, interceding with the police pre and post arrest. By having an attorney assist in the process, you know that the police will not try to use the laws to their benefit. Also, you can make sure that your loved one isn’t bullied into making statements that may hurt them in the end.


Whenever a person is arrested in Connecticut, they have a 6th amendment right to the assistance of an attorney. Even before a person is arrested, if the police are investigating you or a loved one, an attorney can help. They can make the surrender process go smoothly and make sure there are no impediments to release. Every year, our office represents people who suspect they might be targeted by police. In some circumstances, our involvement is able to end the police investigation, and they are never charged with a crime.

By contacting Ruane Attorneys, you put a team of lawyers to work for you or your loved one. We can represent you in court, argue for the lowest bond or even a promise to appear in court. We work with bail bondsmen throughout Connecticut to assist in the release process. If your loved one is detained, we can even file an expedited appeal to the Appellate Court to get their bond reviewed.