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Lawful Arrests

In order to make a lawful arrest, a police officer must have an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants should contain the following:

  • Probable cause for the arrest.
  • The warrant should be issued by a magistrate.
  • The warrant should be issued based on police affidavit.
  • Warrant should describe the person to be arrested.

Once arrested with a proper arrest warrant, the person will be processed by the police station. A person who has just been arrested will be identified. Then, information will be taken by the police. Finally, fingerprints/pictures will be obtained.

Depending on the situation, bail might be an option that can be posted the same day, or the arrested person will have to wait until a bail hearing to determine if bail will be denied or granted. Generally speaking, bail will be determined based on the severity of the charges. If a person is charged with a misdemeanor or if the arrested person is a minor, they will probably be released from jail the same day and bail won’t be necessary. For more serious crimes, a bail hearing might be called for in which a judge will review the facts of the arrest and determine if bail should be  granted or denied.

The acronym PRAWN in the term PRAWN warrants stands for paperless re-arrest warrant network. In Connecticut, any law enforcement officer can make an arrest on a PRAWN warrant.