In some situations, a judge will allow you to be released on bond or probation. But, a judge has the right to attach reasonable conditions to your release from jail. Common conditions of release might include a curfew, not possessing firearms, or staying employed. Another common condition for release is drug testing. This is especially popular in situations where the alleged crime involved drugs or alcohol. Here, I will discuss drug testing in greater detail.

Drug Testing

Drug testing while out on bond is often part of conditional release. Also, it is generally conducted by Alternatives to Incarceration (AIC), which operates as part of the criminal courthouse. AIC fulfills their part in the Connecticut criminal justice system by providing the following services:

  • Treatment for drug use.
  • Anger management.
  • Job training.
  • Preparing people to be a functional person in society.

If a person is released on bond for a drug related crime, or if drugs impacted their arrested in some way (caused them to be violent and be charged with assault, caused them to drive while under the influence, etc.) a judge might determine that their drug problem must be monitored while that person is out on bail. A judge might make frequent drug tests a condition of release. In some cases, these drug tests might occur at random times, while in other cases you might receive a schedule beforehand. These distinctions will probably be determined by a judge.

If you have been released on bail on the condition that you will submit to drug tests, you need to make sure that you will pass these drug tests. Always show up to your drug tests. Failure to take the test will result in failure of the test. In addition, you should abstain from drugs and alcohol to make sure that you can pass the tests. If you fail any drug test, either from failing to show up or having drugs in your system, your right to bail can get revoked. Failing drug tests means that you will have to await your trial in the custody of the state.

If you are unsure how to comply with your conditions for release, including drug testing, please contact my office. I can review the conditions for your release with you and help you comply with the conditions. For more information, call the office at 203-925-9200.