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Friday Arrests

In most cases, the arrest process will be fairly similar. You will be arrested and taken to a police station where your personal information will be processed. For example, the police will take note of your personal information, your criminal history, and get your fingerprints. At this point, the concept of bail will come up. In some cases, you will be able to attend a bail hearing the same day as your arrest or simply be released from the police’s custody without the need for bail. However, in other cases, a bail hearing might not be set until the next day. Those facing Friday arrests might have to wait even longer for a bail hearing.

If you are arrested on a Friday, some aspects of your arrest may differ from an arrest on other days. If you are arrested on a Friday and cannot afford to post your bond, you will have to wait until the next available court date, which is usually a Monday. This means that you will have to stay in jail over the weekend. At Ruane Attorneys, we advise our clients to never turn themselves in on a Friday because of the possibility of being stuck in jail over the weekend. If possible, you should turn yourself in earlier in the week to avoid remaining in police custody for days.