Fugitives and Extradition 2017-04-27T18:24:32+00:00


These types of cases deal usually with an out-of-state warrant for an out-of-state agency. The arresting agency in Connecticut will have to verify documentation and paperwork. This happens before making an arrest of any fugitives that they receive out of state warrants for. In order for extradition to happen, the defendant has to waive extradition. This happens to go into custody to another state or force the requesting state to issue a governor’s warrant.

If you or a loved one faces an out of state warrant, extradition might work for the case. To protect your rights and ensure that the paperwork is legitimate, you should contact an attorney. A lawyer will know more about the extradition law than you and your family, and can help to make sure that your rights get protected. A lawyer can also build a defense to the arrest or help you in court if your case is brought to trial. Contact us if you have a loved one in custody and the issue of extradition to or from Connecticut arises, as we understand Connecticut law to help you in this situation. You can contact us for a free consultation to discuss your situation today. We can help you through this situation.