Hiring a bail bondsman can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind when considering who to hire. To make sure that you hire a compassionate, professional, and experienced bail bondsman, follow these tips!

Be Proactive

You will have to gather some information to present to your bail bondsman if you determine that you want to hire one. In order to make the bail bond process as easy as possible, you should obtain this information as soon as possible. When you meet with your bail bondsman, provide for them:

  • A cashier’s check or credit card with the bond amount.
  • An ID card that is title issued by the state for real estate or a vehicle.

This will act as the premium and collateral for the bail bond.

Consider the Bail Bondsman’s Reputation

Before you hire a bail bondsman, you should do some research on their reputation. If you are in jail and do not have access to the internet, ask a loved one to take care of this for you. Or, if you have a close friend or a family member who went through the bail bond process, ask what bondsman they used and if they were satisfied with the bondsman’s services. If you cannot get a reference from someone you know, you should go to the bail bondsman’s website. See if the website contains testimonials from satisfied customers. If many people seem to have had a positive experience with the bail bondsman, that person might be a good bail bondsman to hire.

Check Credentials

As I mentioned last week, you want a fully licensed and insured bail bondsman to pay your bail bond. It is never in your best interest to hire an unofficial bondsman or one who is uninsured. While this bail bondsman’s services might be cheaper than others, it is because there is a greater risk for you to lose your assets if you hire them. Before you retain a bail bondsman, ask to see their credentials.

Are You Comfortable with the Bondsman?

Consider how you feel personally about the bondsman. Do they seem distracted when you meet, or are they focused on listening to you, answering your questions, and putting you at ease? You want to work with someone who is compassionate and considerate, not someone interested solely in a check. Finding someone who will go the extra mile for you could make all of the difference in your bail bond experience.


Connecticut law requires that bail bondsmen charge a fee. This means that you will have to pay some kind of premium to your bail bondsman. However, this does not mean that you have to pay your bail bondsman outrageous fees. Look for a bail bondsman who charges the minimum fee or close to the minimum, and one who does not ask for too much collateral. Even if you like a bondsman, don’t get tricked into paying too much for their services.

Hiring the right bail bondsman can seem difficult, but following these tips can make it much simpler. If nothing else, focus on finding a professional, affordable, considerate bail bondsman who you feel comfortable working with. For our recommendations on bail bondsmen in the area, contact our office.