While most people hope that they will be granted bail after an arrest, not everyone is thrilled by the idea. Putting up a large sum of money or property can seem daunting. It might feel easier to simply wait in custody while the case is pending. However, posting bail money can have great benefits for you and your family. This is an option that you should consider. On this page, I will discuss some issues regarding posting a pond.

Reasons Not to Post Bail Money

If bail got granted to you after your arrest, you then have a decision to make. You must decide if you will actually post the bond or not. There are very few reasons not to post this money, but you might have a special situation. One reason not to post the bond is if you have no way of affording it. There are options that you could consider, such as contacting a bail bondsman or asking someone you know to cosign the bond. But if you don’t know anyone who can cosign, and you can’t afford a bail bondsman’s services, it might be better not to get yourself into debt.

Consider how long your case will likely last for. In some situations, you might not have to stay in custody for too long before the trial starts. If this is the case, and you truly can’t afford the bond, staying in custody might be the best option for you.

Posting Bond

However, in most cases it is a good idea to post a bond if you have the opportunity to do so. This is because posting money for bail will allow you to maintain your normal routine. You can do this while you wait for your next court appearance.

If you do post the bond, it means that you will be able to live with and spend time with your family, you can go to work, which will prevent you from getting fired for missing weeks or even months of work while waiting in the custody of the court, and you can plan your defense with a criminal defense lawyer at your convenience. For these reasons, posting bail is generally in your best interest.

However, it is important to determine the type of bond that will work best for your situation. If you want to avoid bail bondsman fees at all costs, you should use a cash bond. If you cannot afford a cash bond, a surety bond is probably the right choice for you. Either way, posting this money will give you more freedom to go on with your life and prepare for your trial than deciding not to post this money at all and staying in jail.