If you faced an arrest, you might be given the option to leave jail and return to your regular life while your case is pending. This happens if you are granted bail and you post the bond required. While bonds can be expensive, having the bail option is a good thing. If you are offered bail, you should seriously consider posting the bond. I will talk more about benefits of posting a bond on this page.

Reasons to Post Bond

If you have been granted bail after an arrest, this is a good thing. However, one question that many of our clients have is, “Why should I even post a bond”? Some clients wonder if it is really necessary to put together the money in order to post bail. Here, you can learn about the benefits of posting a bond if bail is granted in your case.

One reason that it is a good idea to post bail is that it is a common belief that a defendant who is not incarcerated before the trial will make a better impression on a judge when the trial begins. In addition, posting bond allows you to continue your life in a normal manner. You will be able to go through your everyday routines. Also, you’ll have the freedom to still work and make money.

In general your life will be less disrupted by the arrest in general if you post bond. After being bonded out of state custody, you can also prepare for your case more than those who are incarcerated because you can do research and contact a defense lawyer when it is convenient for you, instead of scheduling visits for your lawyer to come to jail and discuss your case with you.

Posting Bond

If your want to post bond, but you don’t know if you can afford it, you can contact our office. We can work with you to determine the best way for you to post a bond. In addition, we work with bail bondsmen who can assist you with the bond. We can refer you to our contacts, who can help you afford the bond. Getting out of jail will give you peace of mind and help you maintain your lifestyle while your case is pending. Facing an arrest is difficult enough – don’t let this experience be more difficult than it needs to be. If you have a chance to post bond, we can help you find a way to take advantage of this opportunity. You can contact our office at 203-925-9200 for more information.