Important Facts

If you are facing a drug possession charge, consider these 10 important things to know.

  1. Getting arrested for drug possession does not mean you are guilty. Many times the police fail to properly conduct searches, exceed their legal authority or lump many people into a situation.
  2. Most drug possession charges are felonies.
  3. Once you plead guilty you have a conviction for life. Connecticut law does not have expungements like other states have.
  4. If convicted of a felony, you will have to give a DNA sample to the state which they will keep on file forever.
  5. If you got arrested in a car and someone else had drugs on them, you could also face a possession charge. Defenses to this issue exist. Remember, presence does not equal possession under the law.
  6. Routinely police departments use field tests on street drugs, but those field tests can give false positives.
  7. Laboratory testing of drugs may flag other substances and report them as drugs, so it is important to make sure the laboratory followed the proper procedure in doing the testing.
  8. Sometimes drugs are lost and/or destroyed by the police department which means that the state can never prove the case. If you please guilty in a case like this, you cannot “unplead.”
  9. There have never been any studies to support that drug sniffing dogs actually work properly
  10. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the faster your defense investigation can begin. Call us today.

This is a good start in terms of important things to know. If you have additional questions, please contact our office.