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We will provide you with the necessary forms for your pardon application. You will need to obtain your criminal history. We can order this for you as part of our legal work or you can obtain this on your own.

Step One

To request this information:

Send the following information to:
State Police Bureau of Identification
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457-9294

  1. A completed copy of the Criminal History Request for a Pardon form
  2. A complete set of your fingerprints, obtainable at most local police stations (ask the police to use the green DPS125c form) or from the State Police Bureau of Identification for an additional fee of $15.
  3. A $50 check or money order payable to DPS.

You can contact the Bureau at (860)-685-8480 with questions.

Step Two

Obtain a copy of the police report(s) for any arrest resulting in conviction that occurred within the last ten years. You don’t need a report of any arrest made more than ten years ago. This is one of the most challenging aspects of the pardon’s process and many people choose to hire us to help with this process as we know the fastest ways to obtain these documents.

Note: Not all crimes automatically get listed on your criminal history sheet. Out-of-state crimes, driving violations, etc. may not appear on this sheet. However, you are still responsible for informing the Board of these crimes. If you got convicted of a crime not mentioned on the criminal history sheet, you must include/explain these convictions in your application. A pardon granted will be revoked if a conviction is not explained to the Board, regardless of reason.

Step Three

If you have served a period of probation, you have to get a letter from the supervising Office of Adult Probation indicating your discharge date from a period of probation.

Step Four

Fill out the forms required by the Board. We will provide a packet of these forms or fill them out on your behalf.