Even though everyone convicted for a crime probably wants a pardon, not all are eligible for a pardon. Getting a pardon in the state of Connecticut means that you need to fulfill certain suitability requirements. If you are interested in obtaining a pardon, you should first determine if you are eligible. You can learn more about pardon suitability here.

Getting a Pardon

In order to obtain a pardon, you need to display pardon suitability. You will be invited to schedule a pardon hearing with the Board of Pardons. It is necessary to prove to the Board that you have changed since the time that you committed your crime(s) during this pardon hearing. The following pieces of evidence may improve your chance of obtaining a pardon by showing that you have changed:

  • Proving that you participate in community service or other charitable events.
  • Improved your schooling since the time of conviction can also be a key factor in obtaining a pardon.
  • Proving you are a responsible person, for instance taking care of a family or paying child support will help your case.
  • Helping those in your community by volunteering, acting as a coach, mentor, or tutor.
  • Getting and keeping a steady job.

The Board wants to see that you feel genuine remorse and that you are trying to lead a successful life.

Also consider your references carefully. You must submit three references to the Board, one of which can be from a family member. These people must know you well and they must be aware of all of the crimes you have committed. Consider choosing friends or other people whose lives you have affected in a positive way.

Getting Help

If you think that you are suitable for a pardon, you might consider applying for one. But applying for a pardon can be stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Luckily, our team of attorneys can help. We assist people applying for pardons in Connecticut every day, and we can help you with your situation. You can contact the office at 203-925-9200 for more information. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Let us help you get the fresh start that you deserve.