Getting arrested for a Domestic Violence charge is no minor matter.

When you face an allegation of domestic violence in Connecticut, your life can change. The court may even order you out of your home and away from your children. The truth is simple. The Connecticut Domestic Violence court system benefits the “victim”. Oftentimes, this happens at your expense. You might have to come back to court multiple times over months, rather than have your case resolve on your first court date. Also, the state can ask for permanent orders against you. This bars you from visitation. Also, it limits your ability to be a parent to your children. The office of the Chief State’s Attorney in Connecticut has a special domestic violence unit. This unit travels from city to city to prosecute domestic violence case and train local prosecutors.

Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney

At times like this you need a knowledgeable, dedicated domestic violence attorney. You need a lawyer who knows the laws, knows the way the courts work, and knows the creative ways to defend a case. The domestic violence defense lawyers of Ruane Attorneys can be those lawyers for you.

Since 1977, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of the criminal accused in Connecticut. Through four decades of dedicated defense work, we have amassed a history of strong, unwavering advocacy for our clients, oftentimes in the face of overwhelming odds. In these times, when all hope seems lost, the dedication of Ruane Attorneys shines through.

The sooner you start working on your defense case, the better it will be for you. Get informed. We have dedicated dozens of pages to getting you the information you need to know about the domestic violence laws in Connecticut.

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