If you have been charged with any variation of a fraud crime, you are looking at serious penalties. So, you need serious financial crime defense.

Often, the complicated nature of these charges involved thousands of pages of documents. It also involves bank reconciliations and a paper trail that could span years. Without an attorney experienced in financial crime, you run the risk of paying for a learning curve and a misappropriation of your critical defense funds into the wrong areas of concentration.

Ruane Attorneys has handled financial crimes since the company started in 2001. We deal with all types of white collar offenses. One of the biggest challenges in these cases is the state’s desire to resolve all cases the exact same way. They do this for the appearance of uniformity. Unfortunately for most clients, their situation, and case is as unique as they are, and they need someone to separate them from the usual suspects facing these charges. We can provide this service for our clients. We can help build your unique defense and present it in court so as to give you the best opportunity to defend yourself against the charges that you face. For more information, we are happy to discuss your situation during a free consultation. Simply contact us to set up a meeting.