The allegations of theft or larceny strike right at the heart of your character.

Someone has accused you of stealing something, and you feel frightened and ashamed. They certainly don’t know the whole story. Also, it takes a committed advocate to tell your side of the story and get you the best possible result. This is true whether the best result consists of a negotiated settlement or a victory after trial. Larceny cases usually take two forms. The first is the once off larceny. This refers to where a person with a position to access funds may have misdirected funds for their own personal use. Or, it could refer to a youngster shoplifted when giving the opportunity. The second type of larceny comes by the way of professional operations. They use technology to steal items from stores and resell them in an ongoing operation. While news reports often mention the second as being common, in our experience, most larceny cases fall into the first category.

Ruane Attorneys

It is these situations that call for a Ruane Attorney. By positioning our clients as individual conduct, we can separate your charges from those of the more serious repeat offenders. Sometimes restitution comes into play, but it is important that an attorney investigate and clarify exactly what the restitution amount would be so you are not expected to pay for someone else’s malfeasance. The court, and especially the victims, can easily inflate dollar amounts  because they don’t understand the facts or because they are trying to make a “quick score” on your back, figuring they have you in a tough situation. Even department stores are not immune to this scam, oftentimes sending demand letters to people who have been accused of stealing something from their store, claiming a payment must be made to stop more civil action.

These cases are serious, and a serious defense can be crafted to protect you long term. By contacting us today, you put yourself on the path to success.