Air bag fraud is a type of fraud in the state of Connecticut. If you have been charged with this crime, it is important to know what you are up against. The information that you need regarding this crime will be provided here.

Air Bag Fraud

A person is guilty of air bag fraud when they obtain property from another person or a third person by knowingly selling, installing or reinstalling any object, including any counterfeit air bag or nonfunctional air bag, in lieu of an air bag that was designed for the make, model and year of the vehicle, as part of the vehicle inflatable restraint system.

In other words, this crime means selling or using an air bag or another car safety feature that is not meant for the specific make or model of the car in question. If you knowingly do this, you could face an air bag fraud crime.

But, keep in mind that one important aspect of this crime is intent. For the action above to be considered air bag fraud, the person must intend to defraud someone else through this action. So, if you did not know that the air bag was not made for the make, model, or year of the car that the person buying it has, you can fight the charge. If charged with this crime, but you did not intent to defraud someone else, use this as a defense. However, it can be difficult to prove what your intention was. This is because it is essentially your word against someone else’s.

There are ways to prove intent and establish other defenses for yourself. If you can prove that your intent was admirable, the charges might be dropped. If you would like to make your defense stronger, please contact my office. We can review your situation and determine the best defense for you.