Conversion of a motor vehicle constitutes a crime in the state of Connecticut. If you have been charged with this crime, you might feel lost and confused. But now is not the time to panic! You can learn more about conversion of a motor vehicle on this page. This information can help prepare you for your trial. In addition, you can work with a lawyer to make sure that you present a good defense to the charge. To learn more about this crime, read on.

Conversion of Motor Vehicle

A person is guilty of this crime if they do certain things. This happens if they rent or lease a motor vehicle and they don’t return the vehicle. The vehicle should get returned to a designated place at the designated time. Oftentimes, when people rent vehicles on vacation and they do not return them on time, they face this crime.

Keep in mind that for this charge to hold up in court, the defendant must first have signed an agreement. The agreement in writing says that they would return the car or motor vehicle at a specific place and time. The person using the vehicle has 120 hours after the person leasing the vehicle sends out a written demand for the vehicle to return it. If he or she fails to return the vehicle, he or she can face charges of conversion of a motor vehicle.

If charged with conversion of a vehicle, you might be able to use specific defenses for this crime. At Ruane Attorneys, we have worked with many motor vehicle related cases. We can review your situation and help establish the best defense for your case. To learn more, you can contact our office to discuss strategy and inform us of the specifics of your case. We are happy to help!