If charged with fraudulent use of ATM, you might not know the specifics of the charge. If you want to fight this charge, you need to fully understand it in order to build a proper defense. You can use this information to help your case.

Fraudulent Use of an ATM

A person obtains property through fraudulent use of an automated teller machine (ATM) when they obtain property through the fraudulent use of this machine. This crime is considered a form of larceny, and it occurs when someone intends to:

1)   deprive another of property or

2)   to appropriate property to themselves or a third person

As with most fraud crimes, one condition of the crime is that it must be proven that the person charged with the crime intended to defraud another person or entity in committing the crime. Intent matters a lot in the conviction of this crime, so if you can prove that you did not intend to defraud anyone, they might drop the charges.

In any prosecution for larceny based upon this charge, the location of this machine determines where the trial takes place.

Common examples of obtaining property through fraudulent use of this machine include using someone else’s card at the ATM without their permission and rigging the ATM to dispense cash that does not belong to you.

Getting Help

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