Shoplifting might seem like a harmless offense. The idea of shoplifting brings to mind teenagers messing around and having a good time. Especially if you don’t take anything of major value, you might not see what the big deal is. But the truth of the matter is that shoplifting is a crime in the state of Connecticut. If caught, you face consequences.

If you face a shoplifting offense, you should educate yourself on the charge that you now face. Here, I will discuss the definition of shoplifting as well as the consequences that you might face for this crime. Read on to learn more.


Shoplifting constitutes a common form of theft generally considered a minor crime. If you face a shoplifting charge, you can use this information to prepare a defense against this crime.

A person is guilty of this crime if they intentionally take any goods, wares or merchandise offered for sale by any store or other mercantile establishment. If they do this with the intention of keeping the item without paying the purchase price, it constitutes shoplifting. Intent in this crime is important. If a person does not intend to defraud a store or another establishment, they don’t commit this crime. For example, if you put an item in your cart at a store and accidentally walk out of the store without paying, you can use this as a defense to this charge.

Proving intent in a shoplifting case can be difficult. If you just say that you didn’t intend to steal, this is not good enough evidence. The court can try to prove that you intended to steal an item, even if you say that you did not. For example, if a person intentionally conceals not purchased goods or merchandise of any store or other mercantile establishment it is presumed that they intend to take the item without purchasing it. This is what the prosecution will try to prove in a shoplifting case. So, providing a defense could hinge on the facts of your intentions.

Getting Help

If convicted of this crime, you will likely face fines and possibly jail time as well. If possible, you want to avoid a conviction. There is no guaranteed way to get out of this crime, or any other crime. But, one thing that you can do that will help is to hire a criminal defense attorney. Such an attorney can provide evidence in your defense. They can also handle your case and take the stress off of you. If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, call my office at 203-925-9200.