License plates can get used properly or improperly in the state of Connecticut. Learn about both options so that you can avoid any illegal activity with your permits and plates.

Proper Use

License plates and valid permits can be used properly in the following cases:

  • When the person licensed to use the plate or permit travels in the vehicle in order to use certain parking spaces (such as handicapped parking spaces).
  • When a vehicle with an International Symbol of Access permit or license plate uses parking spaces meant for people with disabilities.

Misuse of Permits

Parking permits and license plates don’t give you the ability to break parking regulations. You can misuse a permit or license plate by using them without the person with a disability that has the license for the permit/plate. If that person is not a passenger or driver in the car, the permit or plate is invalid.

Misusing parking permits or plates can result in the revocation of the permits or plates by the DMV. The DMV might choose not to revoke the plate/permit, but it might choose not to renew them. Allowing other people to misuse a parking permit or license plate can also result in the revocation of the permit/plate.

Getting Help

If you face a charge for misusing license plates in Connecticut, you can get help. You don’t have to go through the legal process alone. Instead, you can contact an attorney who can guide you through this process.

At Ruane Attorneys, we deal with many different types of motor vehicle violations. We can explain to you the charge that you face, and we can review your situation with you. We can help you determine a solid defense to your charge and make sure that your rights are protected. For more information, contact our office.