In the state of Connecticut, it is illegal to drive with a suspended license. It is never a good idea to get behind the wheel if your license has been suspended for any reason. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you face the following penalties for a first offense:

  • A jail sentence of up to three months.
  • A fine of $150-200.

If you have a second or third offense, the penalties will be higher. Penalties for subsequent offense include longer jail sentences, higher fines, and more difficulty getting your license back.

Operating Under a DUI Suspension

Your license will be confiscated as soon as you are charged with a DUI. You will then have to undergo a court hearing and a DMV hearing. You must win both hearings in order to get your license back. However, if you are considered guilty of a DUI, your license will continue to be suspended for the allotted time. You can get your license back once the suspension is over by applying to the DMV. However, you will not be able to legally drive until both the suspension is over and you have gotten approval from the DMV.

A license suspension due to a DUI should be taken seriously. If you are caught driving while your license is suspended, it will make it more difficult for you to get your license back once the suspension is lifted. You could also face other penalties that are more severe such as additional jail time and fines. If you are facing a DUI, you need to be proactive in both your defense and making alternative transportation plans in case your license is suspended. If you have any questions concerning your DMV hearing or your license suspension, you can contact the DMV here.