Especially for young people, street racing seems like an exciting thing to do. Now that you have your license, you feel free, and you want to prove your freedom. Even if races in cars is a little reckless, you probably don’t think that anything bad will happen. But the truth is that partaking in races can be dangerous. It is also against the law. If the police catch you, you will face a racing charge. If this is your situation, you can learn more about this charge here.


Street racing might look appealing in the movies. But, it is a serious offense that can be very dangerous to other racers, pedestrians, and yourself. You can also cause a lot of property damage if you lose control of your vehicle while committing this crime. If you get caught committing this crime in Connecticut, you face:

  • A year-long suspension of your license for a first offense, along with a fine of $75-600.
  • For a second offense, you face a year-long suspension of your license and a fine of $100-1,000.

If an injury to someone else does occur, or if property gets damaged due to this offense, the penalties can increase. They could include monetary compensation to those injured or those who’s property got damaged, additional fines, a longer suspension of your license, and other potential penalties. This is because on top of this charge, you can face other charges.

Getting Help

If possible, you should avoid racing in the state of Connecticut altogether. If you are caught street racing, or if a police officer thinks that you are racing in Connecticut, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer with experience in motor vehicle violations and crimes as soon as possible. Such a lawyer can defend your rights while you face charges. For more information, you can contact my office.