Make no doubt about it. When a loved one gets charged with a serious felony in Connecticut, the rest of their life is on the line.

Jail sentences for these types of crimes can range from 10 years in jail to life without release. So, you need a lawyer and legal defense team looking for every possible angle to get the best result. Whether that results in a negotiated settlement or a not guilty verdict, you need someone to fight for you. By contacting us, you can put our teams of lawyers, investigators, and professional staff to work for you. You could perhaps do this even before a warrant gets obtained. By involving ourselves early on in the process, we provide serious felony defense, including:

  • Protect evidentiary issues.
  • Avoid conflict with investigating police departments.
  • Coordinate search and arrest warrant surrender.
  • Support you or your loved one through this troubling time.

Our Serious Felony Defense

Our lawyers have gotten involved in serious felony cases like murder, manslaughter, and assault charges and have even assisted police to come to the conclusion that no arrest should have happened given all the facts in a case. By having someone as your advocate in the early stages of any process you can focus on your well being, knowing that your legal defense is running optimally. For more information, please contact our office.