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Does Drug Addiction Affect Violations of Probation in Connecticut?2018-09-20T19:39:26+00:00

Drug Additions and Drug Crime

A judge may take your drug addiction into account when determining your bail or your penalties in a case. If addiction led you to certain illegal actions, you might go to rehabilitation as opposed to severe punishment for the crimes that you get charged with. In some cases, a judge might allow you to get released from court custody – either on bail or on probation – given certain rules that you have to follow. If the court finds that you have a problem with drug addiction, one condition of your release might be to submit to drug tests. Failing these drug tests could prompt further action by the court.

If you fail a drug test, this can cause many actions taken by the state, including:

  • No action at all.
  • Increased probation officer monitoring.
  • Referral to an alternative incarceration center.
  • Referral to a technical violation unit.
  • Outpatient or inpatient therapy.
  • Violation of probation arrest.

If you get arrested for violation of probation because you fail a drug test, one punishment can still be rehabilitation as opposed to a jail sentence. The punishment will depend on your particular case. For more information, consider contacting a criminal defense lawyer.