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There are two categories of violations of probation – technical and substantive. Understanding the differences between the two can better help you understand your personal charge and how to fight it.

Technical Violation

A technical violation means that you have failed to complete certain conditions of your probation that a judge ordered. Judges make these decisions when deciding your case. These conditions might include an enforced curfew, meeting with your probation officer, getting and maintaining a job, enrolling and staying in school, not using, owning, buying, or selling any firearms, etc.

Substantive Violation

Substantive violation means that you get charged with a new crime that occurred while you served your probation sentence. For example, any unrelated crime to the crime that you originally committed will constitute a new crime. Committing a crime will mean that you can get charged by the state and that you can face a new criminal court process, in addition to facing suspended penalties from your original case.

Whether you have gotten charged with a technical or substantive violation, we can help! Call us today to discuss your violation charge and how to best fight it. We are happy to discuss your situation over a free consultation.