When a person is arrested for a DUI, they undergo two processes – the court process and the DMV process. The court process is related to the crime of DUI, while the DMV process is related to the driver’s license. In other words, the court process will determine if the defendant is guilty of a DUI, and the DMV appeal will determine if the DMV should suspend or revoke the driver’s ability to drive (their driver’s license).

The burden of proof is much higher for the DMV appeal than for the court process. For this reason, DMV appeals can be tricky. They present different challenges than the court does, which means that most lawyers do not have a lot of experience winning these cases.

Because of this, some attorneys might tell you that DMV appeals are not worth it. They will tell you that these appeals are impossible to win, either because they don’t want to deal with these appeals, or because they truly don’t have the experience and knowledge to win them.

Our Approach

But at Ruane Attorneys, we know that the DMV appeal is winnable, and we are confident that we can win these appeals. We prepare for and attend all DMV appeals for our clients so that they have the best chance of license restoration. While of course each situation is different, and there are no guarantees, we believe in giving our clients a chance by taking the DMV appeal seriously and at least trying to win it.

Ruane Attorneys has an appellate unit which has handled dozens of DMV appeals. As part of the appeal process we will file a restraining order against the DMV and ask a judge to halt the imposition of any DMV suspension. All DMV appeals are heard at the Superior Court, Tax & Administrative Appeals section in New Britain.

We have the ability to file an appeal within 24-hours during the business week, and can have an attorney speak to you about the chances you have on appeal. To discuss an appeal of a DMV decision, please contact Ruane Attorneys at 203-925-9200. We offer free consultations in which we are happy to discuss your personal situation.

Your DMV Appeal

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need an attorney who will fight for your freedom and your license. Contact our office to learn more about the appeal process and what we can do to help you.

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