Getting a DUI is not always as simple as driving drunk. It doesn’t always mean that the police caught you operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. You can get arrested for a DUI if you have been driving while under the influence of other substances. On this page, I will discuss the drug DUI and how you might be affected by one.

The Drug DUI

A drug DUI is exactly what it sounds like – it is a DUI based on evidence of a person driving under the influence of drugs. Drugs that might cause a drug DUI include marijuana, prescription pills, or more serious substances.

In addition, a Connecticut drug DUI has its own distinctions. These distinctions make defense of this charge different from defense of a traditional DUI related to alcohol. For this reason, if you got charged with a Connecticut drug DUI, you need a lawyer with experience with drug DUI to assist you.

Connecticut prosecutors are increasingly charging people who are have taken medications or drugs with the crime of operating under the influence of drugs. The drug DUI penalties are the same as the alcohol DUI penalties.

Remember, just because you have a valid prescription for a medicine does not make you immune to the charge of DUI/drugs. If the medicine impacts your ability to operate safely, you can still face a charge. Many medicines can cause you to give symptoms that mimic alcohol intoxication. Police officers can mistake your abilities for intoxication.

Getting Help

At Ruane Attorneys, our lawyers have worked with drug DUIs before. Please contact our office for help with your DUI drug case. See how a defense can help you escape the harsh penalties for the mistake of a police officer. You can call us at 203-925-9200 for more information.

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