Arrested for Out-of-State DUI But Have a CT License?

If you have been arrested for an out-of-state DUI, you should be aware of the consequences in Connecticut. You could find yourself facing more harsh penalties than if you got your DUI here in Connecticut!

The fact is that the Connecticut DMV treats a DUI conviction out of state as a Connecticut conviction.  Many states have less harsh license suspension periods. You may think that because the case resolved in another state and that lawyer recommended the disposition, it was the right thing to do. But the long-term ramifications of a DUI conviction in another state could still cause trouble. So it is important to hire a Connecticut DMV attorney with experience in these issues to help protect yourself and work with your out of state attorney to fashion a result that leaves you protected in both states.

If you have already plead guilty in another state, you may have defenses to the license suspension, and if you act quickly, we can attempt to restore your license while the proper documents are obtained from the other state. If the state can’t get those to identify you, we could possibly avoid a suspension altogether. It is only by working quickly and taking the right steps that your license can be saved. Call us today for a consultation on out of state DUI license suspensions.

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