If I Get an Out-of-State DUI, Do I Have to Hire Two Attorneys?

If you get a DUI in another state, you should definitely hire a local DUI attorney to defend your case. In addition, if you want to fight the penalties that this DUI will make you face in Connecticut, it is in your best interest to also hire a Connecticut DUI lawyer. A Connecticut DUI lawyer might be able to have punishments reduced or save your Connecticut license from being revoked. However, if the local DUI attorney can save you from a conviction in the state where you were charged, you won’t have to hire a Connecticut DUI lawyer or face Connecticut penalties.

Will an Out-of-State DUI Affect My Connecticut License?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Connecticut has very severe DUI penalties. One of these penalties is the automatic suspension of your license. This happens if you are convicted of a DUI. If you are convicted of an out-of-state DUI, that state will notify Connecticut. Then, you will face Connecticut penalties in addition to the ones in the state where you were convicted.

What if I’m an Out-of-State Driver Who Gets a DUI in Connecticut?

The same rules apply in this case – you face penalties in Connecticut as well as your home state. Because Connecticut DUI penalties are so severe, they will most likely be more intense than the ones you face in your home state.

Do I Have to Appear in the State Where I Received My DUI?

In some cases, your attorney can appear in court for you, but there is a chance that if your case goes to trial you will have to appear in court in the state where you were charged with a DUI.

Does an Out-of-State DUI Count as a DUI in My Home State?

You face the same penalties for an out-of-state DUI as you would if your arrest occurred in Connecticut. In addition, this DUI will be considered a first offense, which could impact you if you receive another DUI in the future.

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