Receiving a DUI can be embarrassing and inconvenient no matter whom you are. However, if you are a truck driver with a commercial driving license (CDL) and you receive a DUI, you will be facing a more difficult process than the average driver on the road. As a truck driver, you will get subjected to stricter blood alcohol limits than the average person. Also, the consequences of getting a DUI, whether on or off duty, are higher. Fully understanding the consequences of a DUI can help you to take precautionary measures. This will ensure that you will not get behind the wheel after drinking.

CDL License Standards

Drivers with commercial driving licenses get held to higher standards on the road than the average driver. This happens because the the size and cargo of trucks can do a lot more damage than a car can. Driving while under the influence can therefore be a major public safety concern. In addition, it can make you a liability to your employer. For these reasons, receiving a DUI if you have a CDL can have serious consequences.

It is important to consider the fact that if you are a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license, you will be subjected to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations concerning drug or alcohol use while driving. These regulations are most restrictive in terms of their blood alcohol concentration limit. Their BAC limit is set at 0.04%, a much smaller amount than what a person without a CDL will face. The toleration for having alcohol in your system as a truck driver with a CDL is lower because of the safety risks involved with driving large trucks carrying potentially dangerous cargo. Furthermore, the FMCSA rules state that if you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test, you will automatically get found guilty of driving under the influence.

DUI Trial

The process of getting tried for a DUI if you have a CDL relates to that of the average person’s. You will undergo the same process as a typical driver. However, you will get subjected to the lower alcohol blood level content limit. Also, your license could get suspended for a longer period of time than the period for non-commercial drivers. In addition, the consequences of receiving a DUI as someone who has a CDL can be significant. If your license gets suspended, whether you received your DUI on or off duty, it will greatly affect your job. You will not be able to work and therefore your livelihood will get affected. Furthermore, you could lose your job, and having a DUI on your record will make it difficult for another company to hire you.


The consequences of receiving a DUI as a truck driver with a CDL are severe. You will be subjected to stricter regulations than a non-commercial driver and receiving a DUI will directly affect your ability to work. Refraining from driving under the influence is important if your livelihood depends on driving. If you have further questions, you can contact Ruane Attorneys by clicking here.

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